Who Am I?

No, this is not an existential question in any sense whatsoever. But, seeing as you just clicked on it, I might as well tell you while you’re here who I am, what this blog is all about, and any other piece of information I think you’d find useful.

My (Brief) Biography

I am a 19 year old from South Africa, and a budding writer who one day hopes to become a journalist and eventually an editor. I have a few projects in the pipeline, but nothing that’s going to be done pretty soon or anytime soon, actually. I do not smoke (anymore), nor drink (except on special occasions), and to be honest I did do drugs several years ago for a few months. Didn’t really get that into it, smoking held me more than cocaine did. I am currently dating a wonderful woman one year my junior, and I have to admit that she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Other than that, I’m pretty much your Average Joe.

About NonParallel Lines

NonParallel Lines was started as a means to ostracize myself from the fate set out for me. Everywhere around me, I saw people making decisions for me, assuming they knew me. They claimed I was an asshole, that I had no consideration for my friends or family, that I was selfish and lazy and a smart-mouth. No, I’m not a smart-mouth. I’m a smart-ass. There’s a difference! I wanted to take control of my life again, and become who I wanted to be, partly because I believed them and partly because I just wanted to get them to shut up. Well, no luck there. But I did manage to figure out that by drowning them out, I could no longer hear their idiotic rantings.

NonParallel Lines is a self-proclaimed manual-blog on what I call “Self-Creation”. It’s about taking charge of your own life and living it the way you want to live it, and – pardon my German – saying “Fuck you!” to anybody who stands in your way.


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