Where is the best place t…

Where is the best place to break up with a girlfriend and why? My vote goes to McDonalds: No sharp knives or forks, no heavy plates, and you can always hide behind some fat kid for protection.


The Deal with Fast Food

You see… I love fast food. My girlfriend has a love/hate relationship with it: she’s studying to be a dietician, but loves it. Anyway, here’s the thing… Most of us, if not all, love fast food. Or, as the media so hurtfully calls it: junk food. Now, while I love it, allow me to point out just one thing:

It’s not fucking fast food!

I remember sitting at McDonalds once, and ordering a Big Mac, and waited for my fast food to arrive. I waited so long that I grew stubble. I swear! My (ex-)girlfriend at the time came to visit me and had a discussion with me detailing the whole day’s events. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t listen to her. All I could think about was my gosh-darn food! That was supposed to be fast!

Finally, after the Second Coming of Jesus H. Christ, and the Nuclear Holocaust, I finally got my Big Mac. Only, there was one problem, they then told me to leave because it was closing time.

True story! No kidding!

Needless to say, I took it as a take away and went home. Upset, and in the mood for revenge, I tossed the Big Mac in the waste bin and made myself a small salad.

After taking one bite, I glanced over at the waste bin and said, “Take that, bitch!”

I would’ve eaten it if they called it “slow food”, but, alas, they just had to piss me off by making me think it was fast. Now… Salad… That is fast!

Slice ‘n dice baby!

The Lion and the Gazelle

“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lion or a gazelle. When the sun comes up, you better be running.”

There are only two absolutes in this world: live or die.

Anything else you might happen to hear is a fallacy, and I will say it again. Anything else you might happen to hear is a fallacy.

Every day, in the wilderness, both a lion and a gazelle wake up with this ultimatum. A lion can reach speeds of up to 50 Mph. A gazelle, 50 Mph. In fact, most animals have evolved to be able to reach this speed. It’s the standard speed a creature’s body can carry them at. Human beings, on the other hand, evolved in a different way. We do not rely on physical speed or strength to survive. Human beings are the most intelligent creatures on Earth, and perhaps in the entire universe. We are the pinnacle of nature’s perfect plan, beings so total in our intellectual perfection that we have – in effect – eliminated all competition. Lions pose no threat to us anymore, we have subdued them and turned them into our property; gazelle are easy bait for us, even more so than for a lion.

Nothing poses a threat to us anymore. Only ourselves, our own species.

Our wilderness is the corporate world, the everyday mundane reality of our existence. Day in and day out, we are competing against other humans for domination of a certain field. Co-workers vying for the position that just opened, young adults fresh out-of-school and looking for jobs, major corporations seeking to make a quick buck in an over-saturated market.

If we stall, even for a moment, we lose out. The world is so full of willing workers, so full of businesses, so full of hard-working people trying to earn their daily bread, that anybody who is slow to act will effectively be put out of use faster than they can say, “Shit!”

To make it these days, you have to be ruthless and cunning, and be prepared to do everything in your power to ensure that you stay in power. A lion and a gazelle, and two human beings, both have one thing in common when it comes to survival: prowess.

It’s up to us to get a jump on our competitors. Whether that be by gaining more knowledge about the object of our pursuit, working more than anybody else to get more done, paying a closer eye to detail, is up to each and every individual to decide for themselves.

A few of the common questions I have heard, I am going to answer here today for you all. I hope these are questions you have asked yourself. If not, that’s even better!

Q. I don’t have money to go study, so will I lose out?

A. Yes, and no. If you don’t have the money, why don’t you get a job and take some time off studying and work for the money you need? If you just wish to give up here, then the world doesn’t need you. We have enough cowards in our work forces.

Q. My co-worker is much more suave and charming and charismatic than I am, and I think he’s going to get the new job opening. What do I do?

A. You go stand in front of the mirror and you practice how to be charming and charismatic. You lie to yourself, and try to get so good at it that you can actually fool yourself. And then get someone to practice with, and tell them to tell you if they spot that you are lying or not. If you can lie convincingly, you can persuade effortlessly with the truth.

Q. I have been stuck on the bottom rung of the ladder at work for quite some time now. How do I move up and make something out of myself?

A. You grow a pair of balls/tits! Do something with yourself! Life won’t hand you success on a silver platter. You’ve got to mine the silver, craft it and polish it yourself. Eventually you’ll realize that handing yourself success is much more rewarding.

The only way to get anywhere in this modern world is to put an egg in your shoe and beat it.

And then take it out and bash it over someone’s head and make on omelet!

Introduction (On Doing What You Love)


Is this thing working?

Jimmy…? You still there…?

Okay, good! For a second I thought this bloody thing had died!

So, ladies and germs, NonParallel Lines is now up and running. No, there’s nobody here named Jimmy. And yes, I know that “NonParallel” is not a word; but who really cares, right? This is a blog aimed at the Pursuit of Self-Creation, I’m not quite sure what that is right now, but all I can say is I’m pretty damn psyched about having something to occupy my free-time now. I’m going to have a lot of that from now on, seeing as I just dropped out of engineering college yesterday. As I write this, it’s the first day of the finals, and my (ex-) classmates are sitting there sweating their asses off and trying to remember what the hell they had studied. As for me? I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee in my boxer shorts listening to some deadmau5 while my kidneys are going into spasm.

You probably think I’m crazy, and I don’t blame you. Dropping out of engineering college? What am I, fucking insane? No, not really. To be completely honest, I’m a retard at math (at best a retard, at worst a rock – hey, they don’t have any brains, kid), and considering all my subjects and the field itself are packed full of it… You get where I’m going. Sure, I could try to study harder and what-not, but guess what? I tried that, and to no avail. I am just not built to be a mechatronic engineer.

I started this blog, actually, to get a better feel for my real passion in life – journalism. However, getting to this point wasn’t easy. I had to go through numerous hurdles, most of them involving my caretakers (i.e. parents) who wanted with all their fragile little hearts for me to become an engineer. They said it paid good, I didn’t disagree. They said it was a guaranteed job, I didn’t disagree. They said I could do it if I really tried, and I believed them. The only problem was, did I want to?

I pictured myself twenty years down the line, coming home with no enthusiasm and no life force left in my body, carrying a bundle of work that I had to finish. It was a vision of high school all over again. I saw my wife miserable because of my misery, I saw our five year old son with no lust for life having seen his father suffering day-in and day-out. I saw myself as a chronic drinker and smoker, a man living only on dreams of his pension. But when that time came, what will I have done with my life? It was then that the realization hit me: I couldn’t be an engineer if I didn’t want to, if I had no passion for it at all, if cars or motors or machinery in general didn’t interest me.

I couldn’t do what others had planned out for me, the fate they had thrust upon me.

I laid in my bed on Tuesday night, with a decision in front of me. I was at a fork in the road, and one side held riches and job-security, but no enjoyment. The other? Odds beyond belief, a job in a shrinking market and no grand salary to work for, but goddamnit there was so much passion down that road that I couldn’t possibly turn my back on it.

So there’s that, my not-too-distant past that led me up until the creation of this blog. So this is my new little piece of joy in my life, and of course I’ll be getting a job soon (hope to become a librarian – or, wait, that’s a feminine word; what’s the male equivalent?), but this is going to be what lets me vent and come to terms with my life and the decisions I am faced with daily regarding my own Created Fate. I hope I can help you come to terms with yours, too.

NonParallel Lines is a blog aimed at self-creation, that is: not finding yourself (we were not predestined to be anything), but envisioning what you want to be and working towards becoming that person.

It’s the Pursuit of Happiness in its most basic form.